Dreamer's World May 24 2016 - The Day That Was

After a rough start to the day, things have calmed down considerably. I feel much better as lunchtime approaches and will have no problem getting through the rest of the day here at work. I am thankful for my music as I listen to a wide variety of tunes through the workday except for when I have to be dialed into meetings. Fortunately, today is NOT filled with afternoon meetings for a change. Even my slides for the weekly presentation are only for forwarding tod.
ay. The customer will read through them at his convenience this week.
I do wish that I had the life that The Stooges lead. I got the following pictures of Stevie Nicks lounging around this morning.

Tomorrow I will travel to one of the client's locations for the weekly status meeting. At least this makes Wednesday an early day each week. It does make a nice weekly change to the routine. THe only drawback is some of the insane RWNJ lunatics I have to interact with while I am there. I always feel as if I need a shower when I get home from those meetings.

There still has been no news on the Squier Strat. I am going to give in to temptation after work and call Guitar Center if I haven't heard from them by then. I really want to get my guitar back and focus on practicing once again. I know that today will be the seventh business day that the guitar has been there and I think that a status check will be appropriate this afternoon.
I am still deciding what to do for lunch. I might just go across the street and bring something back for a change. It will also help me to get some extra exercise in as well. McDonald's is nearby and will certainly let me grab something quick if I venture out. A part of me wants to do this just to enjoy the weather for a change.
And now, the meetings begin. Thankfully, there won't be many today. After this first meeting is over I will have a nice break time available.
The best news is that I got a call from Guitar Center and the Squier Strat will be ready to pick up this evening! I will tell Hal (person) to get ready so we can go out there right after work and grab some dinner along the way. I will be so pleased to get the Strat back at last

It will be a nice evening once we get home, that's for sure. Since it will be a rather long trip due to traffic to get to and from Guitar Center, we will have something for dinner while we are out, probably on the way back home. The evening should be uneventful once we get home. SInce I have to get up very early tomorrow morning, I doubt that I will really do much with the Strat tonight. Tomorrow will be a different story because in exchange for going to work early, I also get off work early in the afternoon. That will be the time for some heavy practicing.

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