Dreamer's World October 14 2016 - Struggling Along

I have written before about my ongoing back problems. I have consulted with my Chiropractor and he recommended a new mattress in the hopes that would resolve the problem of waking up each morning feeling like a truck had run over me. He did not recommend any particular type or brand of mattress, so I began looking on my own.
I had completely forgotten that mattress salespeople are just slightly above used-car salespeople on the evolutionary scale. I have dealt with some of the most unscrupulous bastards and bitches on the planet as I have looked in vain for a new mattress that won’t cost the equivalent of a moderately successful bank heist. My resolve has turned to frustration as things have gone on.
I actually finally placed an order for a mattress from a local furniture store. The problems then began to mount up. First of all, the mattress was not available, so it had to be shipped from the warehouse. I was told that the mattress would easily fit into a normal car because it was shrink-wrapped. This, of course, was a LIE. When I get the call that the mattress was available for pickup at the store, I discovered that a full-sized SUV would not hold the container. I complained about this and then the company FAILED to offer free delivery because of their error. I immediately called for the manager and canceled the transaction, even after they “graciously” offered me the free delivery once they realized that I was extremely pissed off. The damage was done, and I am through with them.
I have another mattress on order from a different company, and that should arrive before the 22nd of October. The price is a bit higher, but the delivery is included as well as a free return guarantee if it doesn’t work out. Until then, I will suffer through intense back pain that doesn’t go away until lunchtime most days. I hope that the mattress on order will be one that I can be happy with and will last me for many years. Only time will tell and I won’t be able to start the assessment until the 22nd of this month.
I wonder why the things that should be relatively simple always end up being so frustrating? It seemed that at every turn I was being pressured to spend more money than I wanted to on something that was promised to be worth the money. However, the people applying the pressure were not going to be responsible for paying for the damned thing either!
I hope that things will work out for the. I really look forward to waking up without being in intense pain for the first time in forever.
As the end of the week is finally here, I realize once again how much the pain and poor sleep has been affecting me and my writing. I have had to refocus all of my energy on work to make sure that I am not suffering from a decline in productivity, and that has resulted in less writing than I would have liked. I want to get this problem solved, and I made a start on that yesterday.
I finally found a mattress that is rated very highly by consumers, one that is made in America by a well-respected company, and also one that will have the shipping cost included (although they claim that it is free, we all know the deal). The only drawback is that the mattress won’t arrive until next Friday at the earliest, but I feel better about this purchase compared to the disaster mentioned above.

I know that this is available via Amazon, but for a large purchase I prefer to deal directly with the company for the same price in order to get a better warranty and protection. The mattress is designed to sit on top of existing box springs and that meets a key requirement since I don’t have the physical space for another bed frame right now.The mattress will be made and shipped, rather than sitting in a warehouse for months. I am looking forward to it arriving and to no longer waking up sore and exhausted every morning.
Once our move occurs next Spring, I will look into getting a new bed frame as well, probably one with storage drawers underneath the bed so I won’t have to clutter up the bedroom with a dresser. I don’t have that many clothes that need to be stored in drawers anyway, so it would make sense at that time.
Anyway, back to writing. I have to put time and energy back into this blog as soon as I can. I miss the daily routine of writing, provided that is isn’t just incoherent ramblings. I have dozens of aborted posts that will never see the light of day again because they are just awful to read through. Somehow it seems appropriate that all of this is happening as we all struggle to get through what will undoubtedly be remembered as the most vile and awful election in US history, one that has been conducted without regards to issues because everything is focused on one Nazi who wants to rule the world and is bragging about it as he attacks women and anyone else who dares to disagree with him.

I hope that things will improve for me once the new mattress arrives. I hope that I will sleep better and not feel so awful each morning. Until then, I will be struggling along.

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