Dreamer's World October 17 2016

Another week has begun. I am getting ready for work and am happy to report that my back is not acting up as badly this morning. With luck, the new mattress will be here by Friday and I can begin adjusting to it and getting better sleep. This will be great since I will be going in for my regular chiropractic appointment a week from today. When the mattress does finally arrive it will be time to disassemble the old bed frame and haul out the old mattress and box springs in order to put the new bed frame in place. With the new frame, there will be no more box springs and I have no problem with this.
As sleep becomes more and more difficult most nights, I get more and more exhausted with each passing day until I have an occasional night like last night when I do feel somewhat refreshed and not in pain when I wake up in the morning. Until things are corrected, I realize that this is only a temporary reprieve from the pain and discomfort, more of a way that my body expresses total surrender for a night before resuming the issues later. I will try to get things done at work today while I am feeling better because I know that this will not last long.
At least the weather remains brilliant here, in fact, it is supposed to be warmer today than it has been in about 2 weeks, with temperatures reaching the lower 80s this afternoon. I don’t know if we will be doing anything after work, if not I will do some cooking that I have been putting off here at home. I don’t know how many more days like this we will have before the cooler weather really arrives.
I will be glad once things calm down and I am more relaxed. I am looking forward to more and better sleep sometime soon. Until then, I will try to keep my focus on the important things, such as Hal (person), The Stooges, and then work. If I am not happy at home, no amount of satisfaction from work will make me feel better.
Of course, it would not be Monday without some type of technical issue with the network. I hope that my trouble ticket gets a response quickly because I am suffering from one of those annoying things that happens from time to time when on a VPN and settings have been changed or a software update has caused issues. As is the case most of the time, I managed to get the problem resolved before I got a call back from corporate IT.
I am hoping that the day remains relatively quiet. I am getting some things caught up here at work, and I have maintained my decision and tuned out the MSM bullshit info-porn garbage. I am hesitant to even go onto Twitter because of all the paid trolls that are out there attempting to ruin the experience for everyone. My sanity is more important than their immature rantings. The election cannot get here and be over with soon enough.
At least I am now halfway through this workday. It is amazing how much I can write when I am taking a lunch break. I hope that the afternoon meetings go by quickly and painlessly for a change. There are no plans for after work, but as always, that can change very quickly according to what Hal (person) wants or needs to do. Regardless, I want to get another good night of sleep, if that is at all possible as I await the new mattress.

The meetings are dragging along, as feared. I really wish that I was no longer a required attendee at these things, but I have asked to be excluded before without success.

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