Dreamer's World October 31 2016 - Real World Trick Or Treat

Today is Halloween. This is supposed to be a day when children dress up and wander the streets begging for goodies from strangers in the vain hope that they will remain unrecognized by their benefactors/victims. There is supposed to be an element of fun attached to the day that is reminiscent of our childhood.
Sadly, Halloween has become a metaphor for our country. We are now faced with an election just over a week away that features 2 ridiculously costumed candidates begging everyone for money and votes. The real sad difference is that these lunatics beg for these things constantly. This goes without mentioning the other politicians who are also going proverbially door to door with their hands outstretched as well.
How have we come to this? Did the Founding Fathers have a warped sense of irony when they placed the election so close to Halloween? I don’t think so because Halloween was not observed during their time as it is today, but it does give the conspiracy theorists something to think about. Personally, I think that politicians are always in costume, and that every single day is Halloween for them when they attempt to scare everyone out of their minds if they don’t get treats and then threaten us with dirty tricks if they don’t get their way.
This year is especially depressing since we have the two most dreadful candidates in history. The entire process seems to be deliberately fucked up in order to benefit the MSM, who I despise, so they can flood our airwaves with endless infoporn all the time. My boycott of the MSM continues and will even after the election because I am no longer going to be manipulated into what I should be thinking or talking about. I am a free man and my mind is my own.

When the children arrive later today to claim their treats, things will be right with the world because children are special and worthy of attention. It is a shame that the adults in this nation cannot behave as adults instead of acting like the most spoiled and rotten of children who never grew up.

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