Dreamer's World October 27 2016 - The Pleasure of Vaping

I have smoked for a really long time. I know all about the risks associated with it, but I just haven’t been able to find the willpower to finally quit. Recently I broke down and purchased a vaping stick from one of the local shops and I think (and hope) that I might be onto something good.
Smokers or former smokers know that the hit of flavor and nicotine is what keeps pulling us back to the habit. I have become conditioned to behavior patterns that are hard to break. Since I began vaping, I find that I can almost completely simulate the feel of smoking and still get the nicotine hit that I need. I know that vaping cannot be any more harmful than cigarette smoking, and that has made me focus my efforts to make the complete switch.
I am becoming more comfortable with vaping each day and I find that I am smoking fewer cigarettes as a result. Since I have smoked for a very long time, I am not so unrealistic that I believe that I can stop smoking overnight, but I am noticing a real reduction. I can vape indoors in the apartment without upsetting Hal (person) or The Stooges rather than running outside when the urge hits me. As the weather turns colder this will be even more of an incentive to completely quit.
I have to admit that the biggest adjustment was the coughing when I started vaping. Since I am just inhaling vapor, it caused me to cough quite a bit in the first few days, but I am better now. I will gladly go through this adjustment if I can finally quit smoking for good.
I was lucky enough to find a good store to get started with vaping. It is called Eco Vapez and is located here in Alexandria. The people who run the store and the employees are almost all former smokers, or are quitting like myself. It makes a real difference being around people who are going through or have gone through the experience themselves. Initially I was hesitant about the upfront cost, but I realized that I would be spending as much on continuing to smoke, not to mention the long-term costs down the road, so I broke down and bought a nice medium-priced kit to get started. I am still using nicotine juice, but I hope to eventually get away from that as well.

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