Dreamer's World October 18 2016

I am so glad to report that my new mattress is finally on the way and that it will arrive here on Thursday. After an evening of pain, I did finally fall asleep and I slept extremely well, but that was more due to exhaustion than anything else. At any rate, the new bed frame is here, the non-slip pad for the mattress is here, and now all that remains is to get the new mattress on Thursday when it arrives via FedEx. Once that happens, we will disassemble the old bed frame and then put the new one in place, put on the pad and then place the mattress on top of that and everything will be done.
The morning is good so far, my back is not hurting as much, but we will see how that fares through the rest of the day. I have several meetings to dial in to, of course, but I hope that my back will hold up and not give me any more trouble. I am looking forward to getting more and better sleep soon.
It is another beautiful warm day here in the DMV. We will have 2-3 more days of this before fall weather really arrives by the end of this week. As is usually the case around here, we go from one extreme to another overnight. I will be ready for the change because there is no alternative to it, just a part of the changing of the seasons around here. The only drawback is that I am still working until 1730 and that means less time to enjoy the daylight after work. My schedule will change on October 31, but by that point the weather will be cooler anyway.
I hope that after work I will be able to relax and that I will NOT be in pain again. Tomorrow I travel to meet with the client and I hate being there when I am uncomfortable because it impacts my performance. If things are terrible in the morning, I might have to cancel my appearance there. At least I have everything ready to go for the meeting.
I am nearly finished with the day. All things considered, it has been a good day. My back pain is still present, but much less than yesterday.

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