Dreamer's World October 6 2016 - Hurriccane Matthew The Never-Ending Storm

I have lived all over the US as an adult. People often ask me where I would prefer to live, and my answer is very easy, it would be California without a doubt. Growing up in Kentucky I knew plenty of people who would vacation in Florida and loved it there. I was never one of those people. I visited Florida as a teenager, and while it seemed nice, I realized that it simply wasn’t the place for me. It was too humid and that was the reason I never felt too strongly about living there.
As an adult, I joined the Navy and sure enough I spent several years in Florida, mainly Pensacola and Jacksonville. Once again I was not overly impressed with the place enough to want to live there by choice. I know that there are those who will claim that neither Pensacola nor Jacksonville are really “Florida” but they were enough of a sampling for me. I have visited Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando and Miami, but my impression remained the same.
At that time, it had nothing to do with the people there. It was the weather, plain and simple. Fortunately I never had to go through a hurricane while I was in Florida. I have gone through a few here in the DC area, but the simple location of DC means that the impacts are not nearly as severe.

Since everyone is following the progress of Hurricane Matthew, it is worth noting that hurricanes are just another reason that I never wanted to live in Florida or anywhere along the East or Gulf Coasts. The idea of being constantly bombarded with statuses on storms and dealing with  the prospect of evacuations or extended power outages on a widespread scale is just a hassle that I can do without. I know people who live in Florida, and I hope that they will be OK. I have no desire to ever be one of them.

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