Dreamer's World October 25 2016 - Feeling So Much Better

Where to begin? The last week has been a blur of things that were going on around here. I suppose that I will start with the news that the new bed frame and mattress are finally here. I have never had such great sleep, and this has really turned my life around in almost every conceivable way. The bed frame itself came from a company called Zinus, and I am attaching a YouTube video that shows just how simple it was to put together. I thank the person who posted the video to YouTube.

Setting up the frame took less than 15 minutes from unboxing to completion without having to use any tools at all. The frame sits 18” off of the floor so there will be room to put two small mini-dressers under the bed and save that space in the rest of the room for something else. The mini-dressers are arriving from Target hopefully by tomorrow. I will get pictures once they are in place.

The mattress came from Brentwood Home in California. It is a memory foam and gel mattress and I absolutely love it.

The mattress arrived vacuum-packed and the setup was incredibly easy, as shown in another YouTube video I found. I thank the person who posted the video to YouTube.

All of the efforts I have made to improve things seem to be paying off as I feel better. Of course a visit to the Chiropractor on Monday also helped. I noticed that I was very sore from moving furniture around over the weekend when I went to bed on Sunday night, but when I woke up Monday morning to go to the Chiropractor, I have no pain after sleeping on the new bed and mattress.

With all of those things finally taken care of, life seems so much more manageable right now. As of next Monday I will start my new earlier work schedule and that will also help to improve things overall for me. Shifting my hours to the left will stop the late afternoon blahs when I sometimes barely make it through to the end of the workday. It will also ensure that there are more daylight hours to get things done after work as well.
I continue to boycott the MSM and their infoporn. I have walked away from political conversations rather than stoop down to the gutter and know that nothing I can say will change anyone’s mind. I have learned that I am responsible for my own life and happiness, everyone else has to decide things for themselves and live with the results of their own decisions. This has been part of the lack of writing recently, but the sheer exhaustion I was feeling also contributed a great deal to that lapse as well.
As for the rest of this week, I am hoping for some time to get caught up and ahead on some of the projects that I have lined up right now. I attended a company town hall meeting earlier today and will be attending an off-site employee function on Friday afternoon in addition to my normal meeting with the client tomorrow morning. All of these events should make the time go by faster and keep the exhaustion away from me.
This evening is still up in the air as far as plans are concerned. Going out for a quick dinner is not out of the question, but I will wait to see if there is anything that Hal (person) wants to do as well. I am not terribly interested in the World Series this year because the narrative of “Cubs vs Indians” will be over-hyped to the point of nausea and I have no reason to get involved. I hope personally that the Indians win because I have never cared for the Cubs and their “lovable loser” mentality over the years. If this means that we spend an evening doing something else such as listening to music or talking, that is just fine with me.
At any rate, things are going very well. Since my back feels better I might start off walking again. I was up to nearly 9 miles per day when I hurt my back earlier this year, and I hope to recover quickly once I get started again.

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