Dreamer's World October 15 2016

The weekend is here, and not a moment too soon. I am really tired today, but I did manage to get a few things done before I decided that it was time to come home and relax. I got a comforter and 2 duvets for the new bed, which is supposed to arrive here by the end of next week. The new bed frame will be here tomorrow, but it will stay in the box until the new mattress arrives. I only want to mess with the old bed one time before then, and that will be to disassemble the frame and then haul out the old box spring and the old mattress in order to have the room to put the new bed frame in place and then get the mattress on it. I am happy with the purchases I have made and am looking forward to things finally being resolved by this time next Saturday unless there is a delivery delay before then.
I finally feel like I am getting things done that have been bugging me for far too long because I wasn’t able to deal with them financially. Although I didn’t like spending the money, I know these things are for the best and will make life better in the future. It will also get rid of old furniture that would not likely survive another move since it is so old, but not valuable. I consider 15 years to be a good life for a cheap mattress and bed frame.

I’m glad that Hal (person) is home from work this afternoon. I don’t know if we will be doing anything later, but at least we are together and safe with The Stooges. There are times when I forget how lucky I am for the little things like that. I need to appreciate these times more often.

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