Dreamer's World October 19 2016

The halfway point to the week has arrived. Although I will be working an extra hour this afternoon in order to have time for my chiropractor appointment on Monday, I will still leave work 1 hour earlier than the normal routine. I am hoping for a quiet evening here at home unless there is something that Hal (person) needs to do when I am finished.
On the down side, the delivery of the new mattress now appears to be Friday rather than tomorrow, at least according to FedEx. I wish that this would turn out to be a mistake, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore about a delay in getting relief for my back. The only immediate impact this will have is that we will wait until tomorrow to take out the old mattress and box spring and then disassemble the old bed frame. This will give us the time to install the new bed frame and have it ready for mattress delivery on Friday, unless that is delayed once again. In the meantime I will be sleeping as best I can on the spare bed, but that isn’t helping my back much. The pain is not as great when I sleep on there, but it still not acceptable to me either.
At least I am ahead of things here at work with some time to work on projects that normally fall by the wayside. This will allow me to stay ahead of everything that is on my plate. I already have the meeting slideshow for tomorrow completed, although I will proof read them once again in the morning before I send them out. I find that the last review often discovers some small item that I missed.
I am nearly through with the last hour here at work. I am going to suggest that we stay home this evening and I might take a nap if I am able. I do know that I will NOT watch the clown show between Clinton and trump this evening. There is enough negativity in the world without adding more to it.
I will hope that somehow the new mattress arrives tomorrow after all, but that hope is rather fleeting right now and I am prepared for another night of attempting to sleep rather than actually getting a real night of enjoyable and relaxing sleep.

This last conference call would be the perfect thing to put me to sleep if it were bedtime right now. Just another example of the meetings that I am required to attend for the sake of form, rather than substance. I checked with Hal (person) and we are not going anywhere after work, so I am happy with that answer from him. Perhaps I will write more later this evening if I have the energy.

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