February 16

I have to admit that I just didn't feel like writing yesterday. I was so upset and disgusted by the proceedings with the Dunn Trial in Florida that I couldn't have written anything comprehensible anyway. I am still in shock at the way Florida once again manages to NOT deliver justice to the family of a Black child who was gunned down by a White man!

Many years ago, I was stationed in Mayport while I was in the Navy. For those of you not aware with the area, Mayport is right along the coast to the east of Jacksonville. At any rate, I always felt at the time that Jacksonville was nothing more than a glorified truck stop with a Navy base nearby. The actions of the jurors proved me correct. I fail to see how someone can be convicted on counts of attempted murder in the case of those potential victims who escaped, but yet cannot be convicted of murder for the person that they killed!

I need to stop because it will just get me worked up again. I hope that the people in Florida and other states with these ridiculous SYG laws will elect officials who will rescind them as soon as possible. I cannot help but believe that the only reason Dunn was convicted of attempted murder was the witnesses that he missed when he opened fire. If he had killed them all, I believe that the idiot jury would have let him walk away a la Zimmerman.

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