February 3

Monday after the Super Bowl. The annual event when you can tell exactly who partied well into Sunday night/Monday morning, whose team won or lost, and who watched the game just to see the commercials or the halftime show has arrived. As I write this, I am nearly through with my workday, there is less than 1 hour remaining until I head home. I had to spend most of the morning at another location in order to attend some mandatory training that is required annually. I always prefer to go to the first session of the year because that takes the burden off of me for the rest of the calendar year.

Once I leave here, I have to stop at the Post Office and mail out some things before I head home. There are no plans to go out this evening, and I am looking forward to some rest and an early bedtime. I just need to remember to stop at the Post Office and not forget all about it. I prefer to get these things done as close to the 1st of each month as possible.

I am glad to be home with everything done for today. The highlight of the evening will be watching "Archer" with Hal, provided I stay awake that long. If I give up and go to bed, the DVR will catch "Archer" and I can see it tomorrow night.

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