The Desperate State of the Religious Right

While Freedom marches forward, let us never forget those who have fought so long and hard to deny those freedoms to us all. The Religious Right has been in the forefront opposing equality for the LGBT community for many years. They have consistently demonized all LGBT people as evil and degenerate without any consideration of their actions. As the attacks have continued through the years, the majority of Americans have come to realize that while they might not agree with homosexuality on a personal level, to side with those who seek to deny rights to other citizens is the true evil and degenerate position.

As the pendulum of public opinion has swung away from RWNJ, their influence has waned. This is something that they cannot stand because their phony “morality” and fake “family values” are tools that they use to keep their sheep in line. Without a majority of people following these con games, RWNJ influence declines. This is good news, but the aspect that we must keep in mind is that RWNJ have shifted their attacks to the local and state level. Sadly, most people don’t seem to care about the local struggles of someone else. Tip O’Neill once famously said that “all politics are local” and he was right. Only by awareness can we keep up the struggle to remove the RWNJ lunatics from our political life and banish them to the ash heap of history.

The recent attempt to pass a law enshrining discrimination that was finally vetoed in Arizona is a good attempt at how desperate RWNJ have become. They now want to disguise their hate-filled agenda as “religious freedom”. The sad part is the RWNJ base approves of these desperate attempts to divide us. There will always be sheep that want to follow shysters so there will always be a fringe of RWNJ lunatics out there. Our job as citizens, regardless of our physical location, is to maintain the struggle to insure that EVERYONE has their basic rights guaranteed and respected. Attempting to codify discrimination is NOT an American value that we should ever work to advance.

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