Start of a new month

Today marks the start of February. Since February is the shortest month of the year it will be rather interesting to see how quickly it passes us by. February also marks the middle of Winter so we can begin to look forward to Spring next month.

As this Saturday starts out, I am at home debating which of the voices in my head I should listen to. There is the practical voice that tells me to get up and get dressed so I can go and take care of everything that I can think of and have it all over with. This voice is in conflict with the one that tells me that I deserve to take things easy since I am off work. I will have time to get things done without rushing, so there is no need to get all hyped up this morning. Trying to decide which of these voices to listen to can be rather annoying at the best of times.

Since the weather is rather nice for a change (above freezing) I really want to just enjoy the weekend here. I know that I will have to get out eventually, but right now the lazy voice is winning the battle. I have spent the morning so far upgrading the Ubuntu software on my laptop and my netbook, so I have not been completely lazy. I am also taking the time to write because it is a promise that I made to myself as I go through my 50th year.

Since I passed my 50th birthday on January 20th, I have to admit that I really don't feel any different at all. People who were not aware of my birthday have been stunned to learn my age. That is a great feeling, although there are days when I feel as if I truly am 50 years old.

Today turned out very well. I got my rest and I will take care of errands tomorrow. UK won a road game, and I am very happy about that. Hal and I went to a nice dinner together and are home for the evening. 

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