Struggles for Freedom

I am always amazed at the casual carelessness with which most Americans respond to the loss of Freedom in the pursuit of so-called Security. I am in awe of the people in the Ukraine who are refusing to allow their country to fall back into the Russian sphere of influence. One has to wonder what type of tragedy would provoke Americans to put down their remote controls en masse and take to the streets to defend this country from those who would harm it.

Sadly, we have a group that is all too ready to resort to violence to get their way, but these are the repressive and reactionary RWNJ (Right Wing Nut Jobs) who cannot accept the fact of a Black President after 5 years and a successful re-election. These people are the ones that the rest of us need to maintain a constant watch on, because our freedom is at stake if these people ever achieve power. They are in the process of destroying the Republican Party, which thought it could harness the insane rage for temporary benefit. The Republican Party has learned, however, that these RWNJ lunatics are not interested in any type of compromise. Their goals are to disenfranchise any and all who disagree with them on any subject. The Republican Party has gotten burned by playing with these pyromaniacs.

Having said that, Americans are too enthralled with celebrity info-porn to care that much. Americans have a disturbing habit of thinking that things like political extremism cannot happen here. Sadly, that is not the case. The same people who believe that nonsense are the first ones to complain that they don't have time to be involved with politics, or they find politics distasteful. These are also poor excuses for non-involvement. Being fed sweet and tasty morsels of info-porn are not substitutes for being properly informed about what is going on around us.

Looking at the Ukraine, I wonder what it would take for Americans to wake up and realize that Freedom is Never Free. Freedom demands eternal vigilance.

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