My Political Philosophy

As I am in my 50th year on this planet I find that my political philosophy has remained relatively unchanged. I am a Liberal, my parents were Liberals, and I still adhere to the Liberal way of thinking about the world and the people in it.

Through the years I dabbled in Conservative thinking, but found that it was not right (pardon the pun) for me. Some Conservative friends have tried using their reasoning on me, but I counter with the limits that affect their ways of thinking. The fact that I have experimented with other philosophies in my life and found them wanting assures me that I have made the correct choice. Inclusion of various points of view and questioning authority have always shown me the real path to enlightenment is a Liberal one.

The Conservative way of thinking is just too limited for me. When a Conservative reaches a point, they cannot progress past it without tremendous effort to break out of their own thought process. While I agree that this is always a difficult thing to do, Conservatives seem more than willing to spend even more time and effort to block off debate instead of more closely examining their own opinions. Their reliance on religious dogma to justify a point is also something that I cannot accept on a personal level. I am an Atheist because I fail to see the common good in following the tenets laid down by those who benefit by haqving everyone follow those tenets without question.

I am glad to believe what I believe, be willing to change if facts prove it is necessary without the strict interpretation or ideology getting in my way. I am happy, and I hope that everyone else will be as well, provided that their definition of happiness doesn't involve the suffering or persecution of others.