A Pleasant Surprise

Today is one of those days that seemingly was doomed from the start. Here it is, the 25th of February, and the DC area is getting snow once again. The weather guessers say we won't get much, but these are the same weather guessers that said whatever we got would not even reach the ground. About an hour or so later, their words are empty. I am keeping my eyes on the roads. If the snow starts to accumulate on the road surface, it might be time to start canceling meetings and making plans to head home. I do not want to fight the panic-stricken DC motorist, and they are everywhere when there is snow falling.

I spent the day running between locations for various meetings, including one with the CEO of the company. I am happy to say that I was selected as Employee of the Quarter so I am very glad that I made it to that particular meeting!

Home now and ready for what I hope will ve a great night of sleep, There is a forecast for more snow in the morning, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

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