President's Day

It is great to have today off from work. It is difficult to break the habits that I have fallen into as the result of my job, however. I managed to force myself to sleep in an extra 3 hours and get out of bed at 0800 this morning. I feel like the day has already passed me by since I am normally at work by 0630 in the morning. Hal is still on his normal Monday schedule and even though we are trying to get out together, he is currently taking a nap. Very frustrating, but nothing to get really upset about.

When we do get out, we will probably look at some apartments and do some shopping. There are a few items that we really need around the apartment. Speaking of apartments we will be moving probably in July of this year. We are looking at some in the area that feature indoor parking at a reasonable price. That is very rare in this area and something that we probably cannot afford to pass up. It is time for a change, we both agree with that. High-rise living has been fun, but it is time to move on especially if there is a deal to be had.

I am also taking tomorrow off work. I don't like to walk in and find everyone in a panic about having a holiday and the resulting mad dash to cram 5 days work into only 4 days. Life is too short as it is, no sense worrying about things like that when I can avoid it altogether.

Hal and I will get out today when we are both ready. I am taking the time to write and relax. I have avoided the news this morning. I don't see any point in getting caught up in things right now. I want this time for us, the world will still be there when I am ready to rejoin it.

As I compose the last part of this blog post at nearly 9 pm, a recap is in order. Hal and I did go out today. We visited the apartment that we liked and the decision is official. We won't be able to apply for a few more months because of the uncertainty of availability when we will need the place, but by May things should be in place for us to do that. After that we made a trip to Costco and picked up the things that we need around here and then wandered through Potomac Mills for a few hours. That enabled me to meet my 10k steps for the day and we walked out without spending any more money.

A quick dinner on the way home and then some time just talking and being together, along with The Stooges has closed out the day. Apparently, we are in for a little more snow this evening, but since I am off work tomorrow I really don't care!

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