Ready for the Weekend

I am ready for the weekend to begin. I got my tax refund but will see a lot of that vanish tomorrow when I take the Beetle in for service. I cannot complain since I bought the 2002 Beetle 2 years ago it has run very well for a 12 year old car. When I factor in that this service is just for 80k miles, I realize that I am extremely fortunate. I predict that the Beetle will be with me for many more years.

When I think back, in years past I would have been really stretched to cover the cost of something like this. Now I am able to withstand the blow although it does hurt to spend the money. At least I don't have to worry about how I will pay for this. I also know that things are still on track to get rid of my remaining bills this year and I had already planned to take care of the Beetle with the tax refund anyway. My next big objective will be having enough money available for when Hal and I move this summer. We are going to use the movers from the last time since they were reasonable and we won't be moving that far anyway.

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