February 24

Today has been a day that I want to forget for so many reasons. I took today off from work in order to take Hal in for one of his eye appointments. I do this whenever it is required, and that is not the problem.

We left here approximately 90 minutes prior to his appointment only to find that the Capital Beltway was completely jammed between here and where we needed to go. Naturally, we were late for Hal's appointment although he had called from his cell phone to let them know about the traffic problems we encountered. They told Hal that it was not a big deal. I got Hal to the doctor approximately 15 minutes late for his appointment and left him at the office while I went to fill the Beetle with gas since it was running low.

I had just replaced the gas pump when my cell phone rang and it was Hal
He told me that the office staff would NOT let him see the doctor without a referral! These were the same ducking idiots that had spoken with him numerous times about this very appointment, including rescheduling it at least twice prior to today. The idea that they never thought to ask Hal to bring a referral is ridiculous!

Hal was pissed, and I was furious although I never went into the office myself. The American health care system is full of these stupid rules and is administered by people graciously described as FUCKING IDIOTS! Hal eventually got a call from the doctor herself asking why he had not been present for his appointment. Hal informed her that he had SIGNED IN at the office this morning before her staff pulled their ridiculous BULLSHIT.

So, the office staff is not only INCOMPETENT, they are also FUCKING LIATS as well. I would have been arrested if I had been the one treated that way, but I will let Hal handle things in his own way.