Dreamer's World October 1 2015 - More Gun Violence

The end of the week is here at last. Sadly, it also comes with the news of yet another American tragedy, a shooting at a college in Oregon. I cannot find the words to describe my disgust at this happening once again while our politicians take money from the NRA in order to block the will of the American people when it comes to passing gun control laws.
It is sad that a story like this can happen and the overwhelming response is “Not again”. Have we become so fucking jaded that this is the best response we can find? The media continues their pattern otf basically wetting themselves as they report on these atrocities. Analyzing these tragedies has become a cottage industry, with talking heads from all areas of the political spectrum instantly available to parrot talking points about the shooter, and yet they never address the problem of guns in this country.
I am sick of politicians going on camera and talking about how we need to pray for the victims. FUCK THAT! If we had gin control, those people would NOT have DIED because of gun violence, but no one ever seems to reach that conclusion. I personally think that ANY politician or elected or law enforcement official has the nerve to speak on TV about one of these tragedies that the following should apply:
  1. While the politician is speaking, the banner at the bottom of the screen should contain the information regarding how much money that official has received from the NRA.
  2. The membership, if applicable, in the NRA.
  3. The voting record in regards to any gun control legislation including SYG laws, gun registration, gun insurance, access to guns.

  1. This information should be repeated at the end of the segment, and included in subsequent showings of the segment.

Only by labeling the political WHORES who take NRA money at the expense of American lives can we begin to make progress and solve the problem of gun violence.