Dreamer’s World October 13 2015 - The Upcoming Debate

As a Progressive, I am a huge fan of Bernie Sanders. I love his honesty and his appreciation of what Americans are going through in these times with all the ridiculous chaos deliberately created by the RWNJ lunatics and their MSM cronies. I honestly hope that Bernie wins the Democratic nomination. He has my vote.
Having said that, I have no plans to watch the Democratic debate this evening. I am tired of the MSM slant towards Hillary Clinton at the expense of the other candidates. This is not what the process is supposed to be about. More voices need to be heard and not limited by those who run the political machine.
Let’s be honest. Until Bernie entered the race, the nomination was Hillary’s to lose. That dynamic seems to have stuck in the minds that run the Democratic party regardless of the tidal wave that Bernie Sanders has created. Sanders has captured the spirit and imagination of the American people in a way that I cannot remember seeing before.
Bernie does this without resorting to the divisive policies that the RWNJ love to use. Bernie doesn’t throw religion into the mix and try to jam a warped and perverted version down everyone’s throats to get approval from a fringe of voters. Bernie addresses the issues that the American people truly care about. Health care, income inequality, education, jobs, civil rights, and the environment to name a few. Bernie has taken everyone by surprise and they continue to underestimate him.
Bernie has drawn crowds that are unheard of in recent political memory. He does this without bowing to the corporate and Wall Street masters as the other politicians do. He is truly an independent, and this scares the shit out of both political parties!
Bernie can do great things, but the most important thing he can do is to remind us of who we really are. We are a compassionate and caring people. We believe in giving people a fair chance. We believe that money talks in politics and that this is WRONG!
Bernie cannot do everything by himself. The voters need to send representatives to Congress that are NOT part of the corporate power structure if we really want to see change. The only thing lacking is a slate of candidates for federal, state and local offices that are in tune with Bernie. I am not surprised that there are almost none because Bernie arrived on the scene so quickly and without any real expectation. If there are progressives out there to vote for in addition to Bernie, PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM AS WELL.
My sincere hope is that Bernie will be our next President. If not, the best available option would be Hillary. Having said that, I hope that Bernie inspires a new group of public servants to answer the call to address this nation’s problems. The current crop of politicians we have has proven incapable of getting anything done.
I will not watch the debate this evening because I cannot trust the MSM to be objective in any way. They will fawn all over Hillary Clinton and paint Bernie as a fringe candidate. The MSM have failed in their responsibility to provide information. Instead they give us opinion and info-porn disguised as “news”.
I will find out what I need to know via non-truadional media. I would rather filter through the shit to find the truth than be completely buried in the BULLSHIT that the MSM never fails to provide us with.

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