Friday is here at last. Unfortunately, it hasn’t brought the sun back to brighten the skies around here. We are still looking at a lot of rain even though Joaquin continues to move further to the east and out to sea. This trashy weather is independent of the hurricane and is supposed to last until Tuesday! That will apparently be the next chance we will have to see the sun around here!
Even if the weather sucks, it will still be the weekend in just a few more hours. That means a time to relax and rest, and the best news is that Hal is taking this weekend off from work so we will have some extra time together for a change. I suspect that we will be spending most of the weekend here at home, but that is fine with me. This has been a very busy week even with Wednesday off, since that was dedicated to helping Hal get through his colonoscopy procedure. I do need a break before I get too run down.
My first meeting of the day went extremely well and now I am enjoying a lite lunch before the next round of meetings kicks off at 1230. I will be tied up in these meetings until 1400 at the earliest. Once I survive that, I have a meeting with my supervisor at 1530 before I start to shut things down and prepare for next week.
Since the light rain continues to fall, I am doubtful that we will go anywhere after work. That is fine with me, I can use the rest and the time to get some exercise in afterwards. Unlike the local media, I do NOT expect to die from this rain, but I suppose that the media fear machine has to be cranked up for some reason or another. I detest the media and their disgusting approach to anything that happens.
The workday is over with at last. Time for relaxing this evening here at home. Since Hal is taking this weekend off from work, we will have time together if we decide to go anywhere or simply stay at home.

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