Dreamer's World October 19 2015 - Another Monday

As Monday starts, I am once again taking care of work here at home. With the really chilly mornings we have gad for the last few days, I am glad to be here and not having to commute back and forth. All I have to do is to wake up, shower, and walk to the spare bedroom that doubles as my office and start my day. When winter sets in, I will appreciate this even more.
I have made a lot of progress on work items this morning and I’m already looking forward to having lunch here with Hal. There are a few meetings that I have to dial into this afternoon, but nothing that should cause a lot of concern or trouble. Once the workday is over with, we will have dinner here and I am sure that we will be at home all evening after that.
The routine suits me. I no longer feel the need to get out all the time. I realize that the things that I need are right here with me already. The temptation just isn’t there anymore. I guess it is called getting older, I prefer to call it being conformable with things and being thankful for them at the same time.

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