Dreamer's World October 1 2015

    Rain, rain, go away. That is my mantra for today. I am back at work after having yesterday off to take care of Hal and I am glad to report that he is back to normal today. In the meantime we are faced with the possible impacts og Hurricane Joaquin here in the DC area. The forecast is calling for lots of rain over the weekend, but honestly we have already had more than enough rain for me!
    I wish that this rain could fall somewhere that desperately needs it, like California rather than simply dumping all over us again. If it were up to me, I would gladly send all this rain to them because they need it so much more than we do. I hope that we aren’t in for major flooding. At least we live in an apartment on the 4th floor of a building that is already on a hilltop, so I don’t think that we are in any immediate trouble here but areas near the Potomac are probably going to have some flooding. This is especially true in the Old Town area of Alexandria where I used to work. I am extremely glad that I will not have to deal with any of that nonsense ever again. I have notified the company that their property is exactly that. I will NOT go there if there is flooding reported. There are other tenants that can contact the company to deal with any troubles.
    I suspect that Hal and I will be here this evening. If Hal wants to go out, then we will but I don’t expect that to be the case. The weather is cool and rainy. Temperature might get to 60 degrees today if we get lucky, and this is a big change from the warmer weather we have been experiencing for the last few weeks. Since today is the 1st of October, this isn’t a huge surprise but it is rather abrupt. I seriously considered getting my jeans out of storage this morning, but decided against it for now.
    It will be nice to wear some different clothing for the change in seasons around here. I have been in Summer mode (shirt and shorts) for months now and it is always a change when I begin dressing for Autumn. I will dig my boots out as well since I like to wear my Dr. Martens with jeans.

    In a way, I enjoy Autumn. I can make myself more comfortable each and every day with the variations in the temperatures. The days begin to get noticeably shorter as well, and this means more dressing for cooler weather after work when we go out. I enjoy not feeling like I will sweat each day. Going out in the evening means we can be a bit more formal than Summer dictates.
    Having mentioned the change in seasons and wardrobe, it does feel good to know that I don’t have to run out and replace any items. Everything from last year will fit and that means I don’t spend money on jeans if I don’t have to.
    The afternoon is dragging by with conference calls that are excruciating. Always the same people that have to talk over others during the calls, always the same trite objections to anything moving forward. I tend to stay quiet during these meetings unless specifically called on to answer a question. My job doesn’t require that much input, but according to some “management structure” I am supposed to participate in these meeting anyway.
    It is a sad fact that we have a problem with guns here in America. At the end of the meeting, my Twitter exploded with news og the tragedy in Oregon. It is past the point of asking “How many more times will this happen?” The NRA and their political toadies have made it quite clear that they will do NOTHING to protect citizens from this epidemic of violence that we are facing. I am beyond sick of hearing about mass shootings almost every single day and then nothing gets done to PREVENT these things from happening. Civilization is losing to extremism in this country.
    I wish that somehow we could make a real difference against the tide of gun violence. Obviously more guns is NOT the answer. 

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