Dreamer's World October 13 2015

Tuesday is here, and that means back to work after the 3-day weekend. I enjoyed the time off and I had time to rest and think. Hal and I had the time to ourselves with the exception of him working Saturday and Sunday, which is the normal routine around here.
I will see what the short workweek has in store for me. In the past, I always took Tuesdays off after a Monday holiday, but now I am working from home and that doesn’t seem as important anymore. I will save my vacation days for when I need them in the future. Not being at an office relieves me of the stress that other people cause when they come back from vacation and believe that they must try to cram 5 working days into only 4 working days.
The fact that we didn’t hear from anyone over the long weekend is another indication of how our decisions to distance ourselves from some disruptive people has paid off. Honestly, we normally wouldn’t hear from most of them anyway even on a holiday weekend. It is nice to have our attention focused on ourselves though. We are doing just fine here and have been more at peace without the chaos of other peoples’ issues to deal with. Personally, I like it this way and I think that Hal does as well. The fact that we have arrived at this point seems to indicate that too many people take friendship for granted.
There are plenty of times when I feel like I am out-of-touch with the digital world. If someone doesn’t have the time to talk properly, then I find that I have less interest in them. Conversation seems to be a lost art for so many people. I am not sure what the reason for this is, but it is rather annoying to deal with people that can only converse in text messages unless they WANT something.

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