Dreamer’s World October 26 2015

Another Monday is here, and I am starting my day working from home. Of course, the first thing to happen every Monday is that the company laptop wants to refuse to boot properly. This is because the laptop is an old one, at least 6 years old and is supposed to be upgraded at some nebulous point in the future. I will wait and see how long it actually takes. I would rather get the upgrade that the company promises than an impromptu new one based on necessity, because that is the process that got me the one I have now. Until then, I will go through this routine every Monday and hope for the best.
Today is the day when Hal is supposed to get the lab results for Maxwell from the vet’s office. I am already prepared to accept that Maxwell might have to be given medicine for some time. That will be an adventure. Maxwell never stays calm when we try to hold him for any reason, he is more of an observer cat than a lap cat.
The day has gone along rather well, the meetings have started and I have the headset glued to my ears to listen into the conference calls. So far, Hal has not told me that he has heard from the vet. He did tell me that the handle on the dryer broke off and that he is calling apartment maintenance to get it repaired. Just another typical Monday for us so far. Sadly, I will be listening to conference calls most of the afternoon before finally quitting for the day at 1730. These meetings usually impact my productivity, and this week is one of those that has lots of meetings. I will do the best that I can to get as much done as possible. At least I have my agenda set for the day.
I am trying to get a few extra things done while I listen to this endless conference call. Sadly, the call does require a level of attention that makes it very difficult to really pay sufficient attention to another task.
I survived the day at work and am ready to sign off for the day in just a few minutes. Once the meetings ended, I was able to get quite a bit accomplished. Hal still has not heard from the vet about Maxwell, and we are taking this as a good sign that there is nothing seriously wrong with him. I suggested to Hal that he let me know if he wants to go anywhere after work. I will wait until I am done here to ask him if he has made a decision. If he wants to stay at home, that is perfectly fine with me. If he wants to go somewhere then we will. Just as I went into the other room to tell him that I am finished for the day, his phone rang. Depending on who the call is from, Hal could be on the phone for hours. I suppose that really will decide if we go anywhere after all.
It turns out that the call was from the vet. Maxwell’s thyroid is fine, but they suspect the problem might be with his kidneys. Hal will take him to the vet again tomorrow morning in order for Maxwell to leave a urine sample when he gets around to it so they can run tests on that. Hopefully, things will turn out to not be that bad. We are staying at home this evening, and I hope to get to bed and have a good night of sleep to be ready for tomorrow at work. Monday Night Football used to be something that I looked forward to, but I find that I just non longer have the interest. I find that Sundays no longer dictate that I spend the entire day watching football. Priorities change, my life moves on ahead, and I am extremely happy about it. My life has gotten so much better over the last year and I am not going to do anything to kill this feeling.

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