Dreamer's World October 8 2015 - A Political Farce

Let there be no mistake about this. I think that the republiKKKan party is ruining America! That is the kindest and gentlest phrase I can use. Today we are witnessing the House of Repeesentatives equivalent of a kindergarten temper tantrum as the #RWNJ lunatic fringe has taken over the room and is holding everyone hostage until they get ALL the cookies and milk for themselves and will not have to SHARE with anyone else!
I have never seen such a childish display of bad temper by a group is so-called adults in my life. These people are an embarrassment to the United States and the rest of the world is surely enjoying a tremendous laugh at our expense right now.
The RWNJ lunatics that are demanding that everyone cave in to their obscene demands are the responsibility of the American people. All of the voter suppression and the hate-filled fear-mongering have finally come home to roost. I wish that there was a way in which these idiots could be subjected to recall elections, but the sad fact is that the congressional districts have been rigged in such a way that the same lunatics would be re-elected once again.
The tactics we see now would be hilarious if they were happening in some movie about a fictional country, but sadly they are happening to this country here and now.