Dreamer’s World October 5 2015

I truly dislike insomnia, especially on a Sunday night/Monday morning when I have to go back to work. Yet, here I am again having been awake since just after 0300 with no chance of sleep in sight at 0600 and work does not start until 0900, by which time I will be ready to curl up and sleep for hours. Since that isn’t a possibility until late this afternoon, I am stuck with the concept of wading through a Monday with almost no sleep at all.
I wish that I could readily identify what causes these bouts of insomnia and deal with them once and for all, but the cause has always eluded me. One time I will notice something and think that is the cause, but the next time will have absolutely nothing in common with the previous time, and so on. It is incredibly frustrating to go through this, but at least it doesn’t happen as often as it did in the past. If I am lucky, I did NOT just jinx myself by saying that.
At least I know that today should not be too terrible at work. I have kept up my pace and stayed slightly ahead of where I need to be each day. This saves me from being overwhelmed when the unexpected crisis inevitably arises. One other advantage is that I will have several hours before most of the crises present themselves since most of the company is in California, and therefore they are 3 hours behind me. I will make the best of today that I can and then try to catch up on sleep tonight.
Since I am awake, I checked the weather forecast and there is a promise that we will FINALLY see the sun again today! If that happens, I am sure that people will run outside and quickly burst into flames since it has been so long since the sun has actually been visible here! I will wait and see, since I work from home, IF the sun comes out I can take more small breaks to get outside and enjoy it.
The weekend was uneventful, as planned. I did get in plenty of walking and I slept very well. Hal is completely recovered from his medical procedure and today should mark a return to the normal routine around here. At least that is the plan right now. Things can always change without notice, but I really hope that today doesn’t start out that way.
I’m pleased to announce that I was able to get about an hour of sleep before starting the workday. I know this has made the morning more bearable for me as I finish up my lunch and prepare for several hours of conference calls. To add to the good news, the sun is finally out here as well. I hope that these are both signs that the afternoon will move along smoothly for me.
At least I know that I am not on the hook for any other tasking during these meetings. That is the ONLY saving grace that they have, since I am usually just monitoring things to be on the lookout for any obstacles that will get thrown my way as the process allegedly evolves.
There are no plans for after work. I am saving money and enjoying it. I will be able to make a big payment on my credit card later this month as I get that last bill slowly paid down. I am still a few years away from being totally debt-free, but considering where I was in the past, I have made tremendous progress and wiped out over half of it over the last 5 years. Hal is also working his way out of debt, and there is no reason to spend any extra money right now. I think that I might be able to convince Hal to go to 1/2 price burger night at the local restaurant across the street this evening however.
The meetings continue on. I am feeling much better than I anticipated after the sleepless night. Time to enjoy the feeling of getting things done and staying ahead of the game. I am about ready to take the cell phone outside for a smoke break while this meeting goes on and on with no end in sight. When a meeting has a mandatory 10-minute break, the meeting is too damn long!
Now I can finally take a real break and prepare for my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor. Once that is over with, I can focus on closing things down for today and make sure that everything is ready to go for Tuesday morning.
I just knew things were going too well. I have been roped into a meeting that is “mid-afternoon” on the West Coast. It means that I will be working until at least 30 minutes after my normal quitting time. The price of being successful is how I choose to look at it. It means that Hal and I will delay our trip for 1/2 price burgers for a bit and then we will go on to Harris Teeter afterwards for a few necessary groceries. In the big picture, it doesn’t really impact our plans that much.
After we get back home, we will watch some football later this evening and I will continue to work on this blog post. It feels good to be writing once again. I fell off the wagon and have finally made it back on again. I will also try to get closer to my 10k step goal for today, but it is looking somewhat less than likely right now. Once I get my writing legs back under me, I will try to branch out to more relevant topics, but for now I think that focusing on my daily trials and tribulations is the best thing to do.
After getting home from Harris Teeter, I noticed my knee acting up. This happens to me from time to time, so I have put on my knee brace and will probably sleep wearing it tonight. I certainly hope for a good night of rest.