Dreamer’s World October 23 2015

Friday is here at last. Yesterday was a day off work for me as I went to the dentist to get an old crown removed and a temporary crown put in place until the new one arrives around the middle of November. Thankfully, the procedure went well and things are on track. I enjoyed the time off work after the appointment, and Hal and I went to a nice dinner in the evening.
Today I am back at work and catching up on things that happened yesterday while I was away. In addition, Hal will be taking Maxwell to the vet this afternoon to have him looked at. Maxwell has always been a chubby cat but after we put him on a diet, he lost weight to the point that he was getting too thin. When we began to feed him more in order to get him back to normal, he isn’t gaining any weight back. We hope that it is nothing serious, but we will find out this afternoon. I will be at work while Hal takes him to the vet, but I will be thinking about Maxwell the entire time.

Once Maxwell is back from the vet and I am finished with work, Hal and I will see about evening plans. Of course, the situation with Maxwell will determine what we decide to do. Maxwell is nearly 16 years old, and he is a part of the family, so we will take care of him no matter what it takes. I have money in my savings account and that will help to take care of Maxwell. Both Hal and I hate to think that something is wrong with any of The Stooges, so we will do whatever it takes to get Maxwell back to normal.
If we decide to stay at home, I might order dinner for us. Hal still has to go to work in the morning, so even if we do go somewhere, we will not be out late. Either way is fine with me because our attention will be focused on Maxwell this evening.
We are extremely fortunate to have a cat like Maxwell. He is somewhat shy, but very affectionate when the mood hits him. He purrs so loudly that it is a wonder the neighbors don’t hear him because he is happy so much of the time. We aren’t letting anything bad happen to Maxwell if we can help it!
Hal just left with Maxwell at 1330 for his 1400 appointment. I will be waiting to hear from Hal, although he might not call me and just come back with Maxwell since the vet’s office is close by.
Thankfully, the vet does not suspect anything seriously wrong with Maxwell. He has a history of thyroid issues, so he might have some medication given after his blood work comes back, but the vet said he is healthy. That is a huge load off of our minds. Both Hal and I can breathe easier this weekend.

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