Dreamer’s World February 2 2016 - The Day Officially Begins

After the mostly sleepless night, I am trying to prepare myself for the day at work. The strange thing is that some of what I wrote while struggling to stay awake has already generated plenty of comments and responses from my readers. I sincerely hope that sleepless nights are NOT a prerequisite for writing good and interesting blog posts!
     Honestly, I don’t mind the interest at all. It makes me feel good about my writing. I will try to put some more interesting posts together at what passes as normal times of the day from now on and we will all see what happens.
     I have survived for half of the workday. I should be able to make it through until quitting time, but it won’t be fun. As the afternoon slowly creeps by, I am done with the things that required my attention at work and now I am really feeling the exhaustion. Still got a few hours left before I can run away to take a nice hot shower and then perhaps a nap. I am tempted to order dinner this evening, but that remains to be seen.

     Work is over with for today. Tomorrow will be my early day so I hope to get some quality sleep tonight. I am going to watch the UK game this evening and go to bed immediately afterwards.

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