This year is just flying past. I cannot believe that February is already here. I hope that the trend continues, because it seems that in recent years that February has dragged on forever. I have on idea why I feel that way, perhaps it is the Winter Blues setting in, but I hope that this time things will be different for us all.
     Of course, this is also Monday and that means back to work for me. Hal (person) is figuring out if he will travel to Philadelphia this week to attend a funeral, I am totally out of the decision-making process on that. I will support him however I can, but the decision whether or not to go rests entirely on this shoulders. I know that he is very close to his family, at least up to a point. I know that he has never told them about me. There is nothing that I can do about that choice, personally I really lack any remaining family, and extended family is a completely alien concept to me. I have not, and won’t, judge Hal (person) on his decisions, but it does hurt in some ways. I would not demand to be included in his family, I don’t have one of my own and therefore I don’t miss it.
     Hal (person) spent several hours on the phone with various cousins and siblings last night. From what I can gather, he wasn’t particularly close to the relative who died, but he does feel a sense of familial responsibility about being with them. I know it is best to just let him work these things out and let me know his plans once he has made them.
     On the down side, I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me once again. My back is really giving me trouble this morning, and all the stretching in the world doesn’t seem to help that much right now. I have already taken a break to walk and see if that will help to ease the tension and spasms. Since I have been writing most of the morning, either here or for the job, I have been taking several breaks to walk and stretch.
     As the afternoon rolls on, Hal (person) has finalized his plans to go to Philadelphia on Thursday and return Sunday. He wasn’t close to the relative who passed away, but was very close to their family so I understand why he feels that he needs to go. There isn’t much that I can say in a situation like this, so I just talk if he wants to.

     I am hoping that this evening will be restful when I go to bed. I switched out the pillow on the bed and perhaps that will make a difference. I certainly hope it does because I am totally exhausted today. If I can manage, perhaps we will go out to an early dinner this evening, or I might order something to be delivered instead. I think that delivery is the best option that we have since I am feeling so run down right now. I still feel like crap here so I will be glad today at work is finally over with because I desperately want to lay down and take a nap when I have the chance.

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