Dreamer’s World - RWNJ Insanity

I have run out of patience with the RWNJ lunatics from the TeapubliKKKan party. Their latest threat to not move on a successor to Antonin Scalia goes beyond any semblance of normal political bickering. Since these RWNJ lunatics cannot understand their job, I suggest that they RESIGN effective immediately! I doubt that will happen, even though they claim to HATE the government, they certainly are more than willing to make a living out of it for themselves!
     Race is the factor here, that cannot be denied. The RWNJ lunatics have done everything in their power to undermine President Obama. At every turn their obstructionism is couched in purely political terms, but when we look closely we find that things were done in the past when the President was White that they now refuse to do because the President is Black. Presidents in their last year in office have nominated SC Justices in the past. Never has there been a choreographed effort to even act like they are performing their required duties like we are witnessing now.
     We all get it. RWNJ lunatics are appealing to their racist supporters. Look at a Trump rally and listen to what is said and you know the truth. RWNJ don’t believe in anything or anyone that doesn’t directly benefit themselves. It is greed pure and simple. Their lust for power means that they will stop at nothing to achieve it. The American people are an afterthought to them, particularly those who are intelligent enough to NOT vote for them.

     This nation has endured crises in the past. Some of them were also self-inflicted but the nation has always emerged stronger than before from these incidents. I can only hope that the trend continues, but I wish it would happen more quickly. The sooner RWNJ are voted out of office, the better off our nation will be. 

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