Dreamer's World April 21 2016 - Blogo

Blogo is an application that I discovered while attempting to find a solution to the problem of connecting my WordPress and Blogger blogs to Evernote. It has worked extremely well since I began using it about a year ago. I seldom would recommend something, but I would recommend using Blogo if you are a Mac user as I am.
While the learning curve can be rather steep at times, the staff at Blogo has always been tremendous with responding to questions in a timely manner. This makes the learning curve much more manageable.
Recently, Blogo expanded their product to iOS platforms such as iPhone and iPad. This addition has had some technical difficulties, but that is ti be expected with something new. I was involved with the Beta testing, and I am pleased with the results. While the finished product is still getting the bugs worked out, the staff has once again proven to be exceptional

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