Dreamer's World April 25 2016 - Another Monday

The first day of the workweek is always a challenge. I went to bed soon after Game of Thrones last night and woke up this morning with my back screaming in pain! This happens a lot more often as I grow older, but it is no fun at all. It seems to take longer and longer periods of stretching and walking to release the pent-up tension in the morning.
As for yesterday, it was a good day. Hal (person) and I did our weekly 1/2 price pizza at City Kitchen early in the evening and then came home to relax before Game of Thrones.
Earlier in the day, I took a really nice walk and posted pictures from it. I will get my steps in today as well and try to keep the routine going every day, although there are days once in a while when I just take a break.
Now I am making my way through the early afternoon and making certain that I am on top of things. I have my 1-1 meeting with my supervisor later this afternoon and that will bring me right up to quitting time, I will see is Hal (person) wants to do anything after work, especially since the remainder of this week is supposed to be cloudy and rainy. While I don't mind the rain, I do wish that we would not have to put up with it for the next 4 days at least!
If we do get out, I hope that we enjoy ourselves, if not we will stay here and spend time with The Stooges. Either way will be fine with me, because things could be so much worse for us all.

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