05 April 2016

Dreamer's World April 4 2016 - To Write Is To Live

Regardless of how I feel each day, there is nothing that makes me feel better than writing. When I finally let my guard down and simply begin to put my inner thoughts into this blog, my mind soars above all my troubles. What an invigorating feeling!

I normally try to analyze things when they happen, and this is no exception. I have to consciously let myself go in order to reach this writing Nirvana. That has always been my weakness. When I do let myself go, I have no earthly idea how long I will be in my Writing world, or when I will drop back to reality. TO be honest, I simply don't care when I am there. But I have to make my way through the real world at the same time, and that often keeps me from letting go when I would like to.

It sounds like I am describing a drug, but that is what Writing is to me. It always makes me feel better, and to a degree, I need it. Likes and comments on my blog make my day. I am not a great Writer, I would like to be one day, but I want to enjoy every second of the freedom and the rush that Writing gives to me.

Sadly, I have to resist the wonderful urge most of the time, but that makes the opportunities to let myself go that much more special.

What are your feelings when you Write?