Dreamer's World April 10 2016 -Great Writing is like Great Sex

The mind is aroused. Your breathing quickens. You begin to plan out every little detail, knowing that things will inevitably require some improvisation when the moment arrives. You nervously begin typing, and the adrenaline flows through you and makes you feel like your body is on fire!
     You move confidently, until something is remembered, or recognized, and then you quickly improvise around it to ge to your objective. You laugh, you cry. You scream both outwardly and inwardly. You sweat and you strain and push. You won’t stop until you are finished.  You hyperventilate and things get fuzzy.

     At last you are done. You put your head down for a moment of rest and look to see your blog post ready at last. You smoke a cigarette and congratulate yourself on a job well done. 

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