Dreamer's World April 24 2016 - GoT returns and other things

The long wait is nearly over! GoT returns to HBO tonight with season 6. Like so many others, I am eagerly awaiting this show, the difference is in perspective.
I read all of the books years ago and now, for the first time, I am like the viewers who had never read the books because the series will now leap past the books and into the unknown. No longer will I have the inner satisfaction of secretly knowing most of what is about to happen.
Somehow I suspect that a great deal of this season will focus on Brandon Stark. I think that his absence from last years story was a hedge against GRRM not having the new book ready in time for this season. If so, it will give them some time to catch up with Bran's progress and focus less on some of the other storylines.
As for Jon Snow, I honestly don't know what will become of him. The end of the last book saw him apparently dying at the hands of the Nights Watch just as last seasons finale did. All of the speculation has been great and we will find something out soon enough. The other storylines are nearly caught up as well, there is a little room to focus on Daenerys but her story is nearly where the last book left her.
Tyron remains my favorite GoT character. I can't wait to see what is next for him. Sansa and Theon are a departure from the books to some degree. I cannot help but think that Sansa will play a more prominent role in the future but it is unclear right now. Cersei remains a compelling figure, especially compared to Jaime, who has become a cautionary tale more than a character at this point with his subdued personality.
As far as other things go, today should be relatively quiet. Hal (person) is getting ready for work and once he is done I will run the dishwasher and think about how to spend the rest of my day. I have a few errands that have to be run at some point today, so I'll try to knock them out early. I'll also get some walking in during the day. The thought of going back to Old Town Alexandria occurred to me, but it isn't something I'm going to worry about right now. I see no need of being the lone diner at brunch again (if there was a seat to be found). It is better for me to simply get outside and enjoy the beautiful day and wonder why the weekends are so damned short?
I took the following pictures as I walked along the trail this morning on my way to run my errands. First is a man-made waterfall that was created by forcing the water through a culvert.

This was done to insure that there is a steady stream through Holmes Run (creek) as it winds its way towards the Potomac. Here is the view looking downstream from the waterfall.

Obviously, without much recent rain, there is not a full flow to the creek. That can change rapidly when we get heave rains.

Once I crossed over the waterfall, I was on the bike/pedestrian path that runs alongside the creek. It was a beautiful morning so I got a few pictures.

Finally, as I neared the pint along the trail where I would exit, there was another mini-waterfall made from stone that adds some freshness to the water as it continues to flow downhill.

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