It's Time To Fix Our Broken System Of Elections

I am so tired of the election cycle that NEVER ends. I am so tired of the constant problems we have even conducting elections in this country. The current system is clearly broken, with voter disenfranchisement at an all-time high due to voter suppression efforts and to errors with the current registration process. I would like to propose a solution to these problems.
First of all, the Constitution ONLY requires that elections be held in November on Tuesday. There are NO mentions of political parties or delegates to those parties.
My proposed solution is listed in no particular order. The main change is that these would be NATIONAL STANDARDS for conducting our voter registration and elections.
I don’t claim this is perfect, but it is a good starting point for reform.

  • National standard Register EVERY American at BIRTH
  • National standard Eligible to vote in first election after 18th birthday 
  • National standard Naturalized citizens registered upon grant of citizenship and eligible to vote in first election after 18th birthday 
  • National standard NO party registration required
  • National standard Primaries and Caucuses open to ALL since there is NO party registration 
  • National standard Primaries and Caucuses are won by popular vote and totaled at conclusion of all states
  • Winners of these enter general election 
  • General elections are nationwide popular vote
  • Constitutional Amendment to abolish the Electoral College 
  • National standard Election days are federal holidays 
  • National standard State election days are state holidays 
  • National standard Campaign cycles limited to 90 days from first state to general election 
  • National standard Vote by mail with registered receipt for tracking
  • National standard Equal time in media for candidates with no political ads
  • Outlaw PACs
  • NATIONAL STANDARD Upon completion of sentences, all former prisoners have their eligibility to vote restored except when convicted of ESPIONAGE or TREASON.
  • Requirement to appear on ballot is 45% of voters/all citizens. NO MORE % of registered citizens according to parties.

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