Dreamer's World April 30 2016 -Recovery Time

The workweek that just ended yesterday is one that I won't soon forget. Everything was thrown into chaos because the contract that the company I work for was in its final week. Normally, this is not a big deal, but this time there were too many complications to count. It seemed that anything that could go wrong was going wrong. Paperwork between the company and the client was constantly being called into question, which was very unusual because it has gone so smoothly in years past.
This led to lots of stress from everyone that I normally interact with all week long. The uncertainty led to wild speculation, but that is human nature. Some of the paperwork involved my continued ability to access our company's software on the client's systems. Normally I spend part of 1 day per week working at the client's offices, but this last week I was stuck there for 3 full days (Wednesday through Friday) preparing for the worst case scenario and making sure that all of my accounts and company information was going to be safe in the unlikely event that the contract was not approved. Of course, this meant that most of my normal work I do from home was put on hold. I was still waiting for final word on Friday morning. Just before lunchtime the call came through that everything was finally taken care of. Once again, on Friday, the last day of the existing contract, we were finally advised that everything was in order.
Honestly by Friday morning I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen. Other people had long since progressed into full-blown panic mode, and this really started to attack the last layers of my Thpe B defenses. Between the atmosphere at the client's office, and the stream of rumors filling my messages away from there, I was 99.9% done and ready to just say "FUCK THIS SHIT!" The hardest part was to keep my damned mouth shut other than to reassure everyone that things were going to be OK.
I suppose that I tried too hard to stay calm and maintain my composure at work because when I got home in the evening, I was exhausted but yet I couldn't sleep well. I can't recall the last time I was so completely spent on all levels. Even last night, after things had been resolved successfully, I couldn't sleep. That is why today I am going to do what I want to do until the exhaustion is simply too much to bear any longer, and then go to bed.
It turns out that I did lay down on the couch and took a nap for about 90 minutes right after I wrote that last paragraph. I woke up just as Hal (person) got home from work. We ended up going to dinner and then coming back home. I do feel much better, but still am quite aware of what I have gone through. Tomorrow I will take things easy as well after running the necessary errands while Hal is at work again. I might take a short trip, but right now nothing is certain, except that I don't want to go through another week like this last one.

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