Dreamer's World April 4 2016 - Is the Election over with yet?

I cannot be the only person who feels that this Presidential election will never end. I am already so sick of the shitstorm that I wish all of the candidates would just go away to never bother me again. I cannot believe that we have 6 more months of this BULLSHIT to endure!
The media is all too complicit in this. They constantly blare out their sickening info-porn 24 hours a day like there is nothing else going on in the world except for this election that will eventually happen. It's almost as if they WANT people to get so disgusted that they tune out and just say "FUCK THIS SHIT". I honestly believe this to be the case because it insures that the most corporate and vanilla of the candidates will emerge victorious.
George Carlin spoke of the "Illusion Of Freedom" in which we are presented with a tremendous amount of choices. The trouble is the choices are already decided in advance. The options have been approved by those in power to insure that none of our "choices" will actually threaten their status quo. It doesn't matter which flavor of ice cream we choose, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc because it is all the same ice cream.
Our system is corrupt and designed to protect those in power. If we vote in elections, we get what we deserve. If we don't vote, we are criticized because we didn't participate in the fake "Freedom of Choice" steaming pile of BULLSHIT that was shoved in our faces. This is a closed loop with no way out.
The media plays their part in this charade by bombarding us with the BULLSHIT 24x7. Real issues are quickly replaced by personal attacks because real issues aren't the reason for our elections anymore. There is no surprise to me that a Nazi like Trump is considered a candidate. He is a product of the media and plays their game to perfection. He goes for ratings with empty slogans, but the media will NEVER call him out on this because it is all part of the game to them.
The rich and powerful have created this charade in order to protect themselves. This is the "Bread and Circuses" of the digital age, except that it is the PEOPLE who are being fed to the Lions while the PEOPLE watch and give thanks that they were not the ones chosen to be sacrificed to the BULLSHIT on that particular day. Give people info-porn rather than information because info-porn requires no thought process to digest. It only provokes instinctive reactions that are then presented as political facts. Find some scapegoats to blame for peoples' problems and they are happy because those problems actually are caused by those in power, but they never are called to account for this. Let there be no doubt, there will always be terrorists, criminals, religious lunatics, out-of-control cops and other problems because these problems keep our attention diverted from the fact that we are being USED.
In true Orwellian form, our freedom has been taken away from us in the name of "Freedom". We are overloaded with BULLSHIT to cloud real issues and then asked to judge which BULLSHIT we want to be force-fed for the next 2-4 years. But don't worry, the system is already rigged for that as well.
The day after the election is finally over with, the next cycle of BULLSHIT will start all over again.

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