Dreamer's World May 01 2017 - Back To The New Normal

And so, after a week of moving and reorganizing that still isn’t quite finished, it is time to restart the blog. As promised, Snoopy has his new friends to watch over the new apartment with him and I think that they will do a fine job here. The final location for them is still a work in progress, but it will eventually be settled.
    The actual move itself went without major problems. Of course the purge of things that I mentioned a while back certainly helped with that. We have begun our secondary purge after everything arrived and that will be going on for a while longer here as we decide what will end up where for the long term. The closets are still minor disaster areas where items accumulated as we worked to arrange things in the rooms. I hope to get started on one of them after work today. It should take less than 2 hours to get it neatly arranged provided I can find the proper motivation at the time.
    The living room is still a work in progress, but I am leaving that up to Hal since he prefers to do the arrangement and decorating so I will stay out of his way. I have been busy with the kitchen on the other hand because that is my area of expertise and it is getting more organized each day. I am wondering how Hal will fit all of the furniture into the space, but he will find a way.
The biggest effort in the kitchen has been to get rid of containers, pots and pans that were no longer being used. After that I began to organize things according to use and then to start putting food into the pantry while dishes and cooking utensils found a home in the cabinets. It is starting to look more like home with each passing day.
    My bedroom is actually in pretty good shape this morning. I have my desk set up with the monitors in place attached to the arms so I have more surface area to work with. It is a great feeling to NOT have to crawl against the wall to make up my bed anymore, I actually have plenty of room compared to the last place.


As you can see the new room is much more spacious than the old one and that makes me happy.
The workday continues here. The afternoon meetings are dragging along, but at least I am this far along with the day. Once I am finished at work, Hal and I will take the apartment inspection sheet over to the office since it is due today. There are always some minor problems that have to be addressed, but nothing serious. Once that is over with it will be time to think about dinner for us. I am not yet at the point of cooking in the new kitchen and won't be until the last of the clutter is out of the way. Thankfully, there is a Giant supermarket nearby where I can stock up and get everything in my shopping list.
Of course, it would be nice to have
the dining room table cleared off so we can use it for dinner, but I have learned that things take time. The main goal is to get everything in its proper place and only then to worry about the small odds and ends.
I know that this blog post has rambled on, but of course I am still exhausted from all of the efforts so far, so I will end this for today.