Dreamer’s World May 23 2017 – Inspiration On A Cloudy Day

I’ll be completely honest. Until last night I had never heard of Ariana Grande. She represents a genre of music that I personally just don’t like. I go out of my way to avoid listening to any of the music from that genre, let alone wanting absolutely nothing to do with hearing about the singer who makes the music. Perhaps I am a musical snob because I dislike bubble gum pop, and country/western music. I can live with that very comfortably. However, I was truly disgusted at the tragedy in Manchester, England last night when a coward attacked a group of concert goers and killed at least 19 people.
    We live in a fucked-up world, there can be no doubt about that. We have become so immune to MSM  like this one. Honestly, when I say I was disgusted I meant it, but I just cannot continue to generate outrage each time something like this happens. I want to feel a more genuine emotion, but what I feel seems more like a recording of the last time that something like this happened. The “shock” doesn’t feel real anymore. The media collectively wets themselves over the story. The same footage is shown on an endless loop. The media begins to emote about how people are supposed to “feel” about something like this. The media finds people who have no credible information to report other than their emotional response to the event. The same “experts” appear and tell us the same things that they told us the last time.
    19 people are dead. That is the fact. That is the cold, hard, honest, truth. Everything else is sensationalism designed to promote a point of view or an agenda. FEAR INC is doing a brisk business as of last night. Their ratings are high once again and there are those who secretly rejoice in the deaths of innocent people. The people celebrating are not all “terrorists” in the Middle East. They are also rich and powerful people with business and political agendas to promote who know that they will PROFIT from the FEAR.
    Yeah, I’m a fucking cynic when it comes to things like this. I see the pattern that repeats over and over with the same result. We never see or hear about any response to a tragedy like this other than “prayers” and then “revenge”. When you really think about it, those two things can never really achieve anything. Prayers and Revenge are placebos that we are given to keep us in line. They cannot be effectively measured in terms of results, they appeal to an emotional level this is deliberate, because this relieves those in positions of power from actually having to DO ANYTHING meaningful to stop the madness. IGNORE the cause, focus on the result and attempt to deal with the result in a manner that will only cause the symptom to reappear. Like putting makeup on a mole, it only attempts to hide the real problem and makes no attempt to actually treat the cause.

    I have said all of this before. The cycle repeats. The wheel spins around and around without moving. People still die for no reason and yet nothing is ever done about it. The only “inspiration” I can offer right now is to attempt to prove that we are all getting played once again. Let that sink in.