Dreamer's World May 05 2017 - Somehow I Survived The Week

Snoopy and the gang have reached the end of the week and are happy about it even if it is rainy and dreary outside this morning. We are all looking forward to the sun making an appearance later today if things go well.
 Personally, I just want to make it through until 1430 so I can try to get some rest. I didn’t sleep well at all last night for some reason and I am feeling the effects this morning.
With luck, I can get to the ATM after work and withdraw cash to pay the cleaning ladies at the old apartment tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will have to get up early on Saturday to meet them there when I would much rather sleep in for a change. Hal starts work at his new location tomorrow so he cannot go to the old apartment. I don’t mind doing this, I just hope I feel better this evening and tomorrow. Perhaps it is all the stress finally oozing out of my system, I just hope that it happens quickly and is over with soon.
On the other hand, the new place is looking better and better with each passing hour as Hal continues to organize the things in the living room. I have made my bedroom office presentable but it still needs some final adjustments as well as getting some pictures up on the walls, but I am in no hurry about those things. I need an oil change for the Beetle sometime soon as well as attempt to sell two antique lamps and an antique dresser to get some extra money and to clear up some extra space around here. Those two items have each been pushed back by at least a week with the activity at the old apartment tomorrow.
As lunchtime approaches here, the weekend is much closer as well. I feel a bit more alive right now, but I am still not near 100%. I hope to get through this last round of meetings without too much difficulty so I can then start my weekend at last. The rain has stopped and we are hoping that the sun will make an appearance sometime later today.
The sun did come out for a while this afternoon. Hal and I went to the store and to the bank and came back home. I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch as he was watching Captain America, which doesn’t surprise me at all. After I woke up I managed to find my way to the Surface Pro and start to write again before it gets too late in the evening. As I mentioned earlier I do have to get up very early for a Saturday morning to meet the cleaning ladies at the old apartment. I plan to be in bed before 2200.
I hope that everyone will have a great night and an outstanding weekend. I will try to do the same.

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