Dreamer’s World May 20 2017 – Time For Quiet

Saturday is normally a day without any set events for me other than making sure that Hal gets off to work on time and spending time with The Stooges. Today is different because I have an appointment with the chiropractor at 1000 as part of the new treatment regimen that was discussed after a review of my x-rays. While my spine is on good shape overall, there are some slight problems with alignment that need to be addressed. I think that it is time to get these things taken care of since the new chiropractor is close to home and I won’t have to spend an hour or more to get home afterwards. Although the idea of going to run some errands after the appointment is tempting, I know that the best thing for me to do is to come home and relax.
    I do feel much better after the visit and I did come back home and will be here for a while. There is nothing else that needs to be done today, so I can enjoy some quiet time. I can write, obviously, and catch up on some reading and listen to some music as well. There are a few more hours until Hal gets home from work and it is nice to have the quiet time.

    After a few hours and a few naps, Hal will be home soon. I don’t know of any plans for the evening but I will ask Hal if there is anything he wants to do or anywhere he needs to go. We will have roast beef for dinner and can easily spend the entire evening here at home without a complaint from me 😊