Dreamer's World May 08 2017 - Best Laid Plans

Monday has arrived far too soon. As I noted in my earlier posts, the weekend basically didn’t exist and now I am starting the work week all over again. At least we won’t have to do all of the one-time things next weekend and I will have more time to relax.
Once I am finished with work, I will venture to the new kitchen and prepare the first real meal in it since we moved in. Unfortunately, the kitchen was one of the last areas to be truly organized and I use that term very loosely. It looks much better than it did, but it remains a work in progress. Actually preparing a meal here will make it feel more like we are finally home. The chicken breasts have been marinating since yesterday and I have the side items ready to prepare as well. If there is any trip to be made, it would be for emergency necessities for other areas of the apartment, and I think that Hal can handle that.
The last phases of getting comfortable in the new apartment are nearly complete. I will be cooking noodles and gravy, baked beans, mashed potatoes and chicken breasts after work. I am looking forward to having dinner with Hal here at HOME for a change.
    As for the day itself, the maintenance people have been in the apartment through the day to replace air filters and smoke detector batteries. This has caused numerous interruptions to the work that I am doing, but it is something that must be done. Of course The Stooges have to be kept away from the workers as they enter and leave because we don’t want The Stooges getting out because then we would have to spend time and energy chasing them around. All of this activity impacted my normal lunch time, but I will catch up later in the afternoon.
The flow of people in and out of the apartment has caused Hal The Cat quite a bit of stress. He is hanging by my side in order to feel safe throughout the day.
It would not be Monday without a splitting migraine headache developing as the afternoon drags along with 2 hours left at work. I am slowly shutting down without any conscious decision to do so. I want to get things done as much as possible before I finally surrender to the migraine so I will not have more to do tomorrow than I already do.
The best laid plans, or something like that. Hal just informed me that he works this evening. That means I won’t start cooking right after work because I will not leave the apartment with things in the oven. At least everything will be ready for tomorrow.

After I dropped Hal off at his job, I swung by the mall and found a new A’s cap
I will pull for the A’s because they are committed to remaining in Oakland, as opposed to the Traiders, who are leaving.