Dreamer’s World May 22 2017 – A Fitting Start To The Week

I didn’t sleep well last night. I went to bed early, determined to get a lot of rest to be ready for work this morning, but in the middle of the night I found that the AC unit decided that it was not going to work. I opened the window but it never really cooled off enough to let me get any real sleep. Therefore, I start this workweek and this blog post slugging caffeine in a desperate attempt to stay awake. Days like this are awful to get through, especially when I consider that I take Hal to his job after I am finished with work and then go and pick him up late this evening. Add to that Microsoft Outlook is not working this morning and I am ready to call it a day. Sadly, I don’t really have that option right now because there is too much that I must do at work.
    We all go through days like this. I keep telling myself that when I look back it will make other days seem much better in comparison. That will help at some indistinct future point, but right now it is of little comfort. When I look at my timesheet and see that I am running below my normal accumulated vacation days I always tend to focus more on not taking any time off for a while. I know deep down inside that one of these days it won’t matter how many days I had saved up, but until then I want to try to build that balance back up. At least I work from home and the days accumulated aren’t as critical as they once were when I worked in an office.
    The rain continues to fall lightly here. It is supposed to end later this morning and then warm up, although it looks like it will be an overcast and rainy week until Friday. Another thing that matches the mood this morning. I have written about times when I enjoy the rain, but this isn’t one of those times. I just have to endure and keep moving ahead until the sun returns.
    A friend asked me yesterday how the effort to trade in the Beetle was going. I told him that I am keeping the Beetle since there is no trade-in value. Of course his next question was what new car I was going to get? I told him that I am no longer looking and am no longer interested in that. He said that he would have jumped on the chance to trade in his car for a newer one, so I asked him why he didn’t do it. He told me that he still owes on his car. I smiled, looked at him carefully and said “I don’t have a car payment”. He stopped questioning me after that. I know what I have with the Beetle and I don’t see the need to give money to any greedy salespeople right now.

    I just hope that the AC works tonight when I need it. I need a good night of rest.