Dreamer’s World June 02 2017 – Friday At Last

I am certain that I have posted using this title before, but today I am grateful that Friday is here at last. This has been a busy week. It is always the case that a short week seems worse than a regular week for some reason. At least I feel terrific after my acupuncture and chiropractor visits last night. I came home so relaxed and ready for bed. I had to force myself to stay up and have some dinner before bedtime so I would not have to worry about my blood glucose plummeting overnight.
    I thought about watching the news when I got home, but the daily shit storm just depresses me and I don’t need that. I find myself still rejecting the media because they refuse to tell the truth about the fucked-up lunatic we have in charge now. The media attempts to legitimize him, perhaps in belated recognition that they are partially to blame for this disaster in the first place by refusing to uncover the sack of shit that we have in the White House now. The media failed completely last year and I haven’t forgotten about it.     I spent the evening before bed listening to music because music always puts me in a good mood. The world will still be fucked up when I am finished listening, so I won’t miss anything. My personal sanity is much more important than the media and their ratings.
    Hal will be going into DC to surprise a friend for their birthday this evening. I hope that everyone has a great time there, and I hope that Hal gets some good pictures of things. Initially, I thought that this was going to be a lunch, but found out this morning that it will take place after work. I wasn’t invited but that doesn’t bother me since I don’t have to pretend that the friend is that special to me and buy a gift for them.
Once I am done with work, I really have no plans to do anything other than taking Hal to the Metro and then picking him up late in the evening. I think that I have done enough this week. The last thing that remains from a personal point of view is to find a buyer or someone who wants to take an antique dresser off my hands. I have tried selling it online, but I don’t have the time or the patience for everyone who wants to waste my time being indecisive. If I find a person who would appreciate a damaged antique dresser, it will be theirs and I can move on with my life. I don’t really want or need antiques around here and this dresser has been carried from place to place for years. I can use the room for something else that is functional. My Mother collected antiques and I know how the antique dealers are, always trying to cut your throat when you want to sell something so they can turn around and sell it themselves.
Now that quitting time has arrived, I will make sure to get Hal to Metro so he can make it into DC in time for the birthday dinner and I will be standing by to pick him up later this evening. I will hang out around here and have dinner while Hal is away and then get some rest tonight after he gets home. Since Hal works in the morning, I don’t expect that he will stay late. I am glad that this week is finally over with and now I can try to enjoy the weekend.
I must admit that I am no fan of spending Friday evenings alone. I hope that Hal is having a wonderful time, but I feel sad without him around. All of the grand things that the weekend seemed to have in store for me suddenly don’t seem so attractive anymore with Hal not here.
I know another reason I am feeling blue right now. I want to say more but I will wait until next week before I go any further. It is a situation over which I have no real control and I don’t want to get all caught up in it right now. There is a possibility that it will work itself out over the weekend, but I wouldn’t bet money on that possibility.

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