Dreamer’s World June 28, 2017 – A Very Busy Day

Today has been extremely hectic around here. I was up an hour early to make my trip to the clients office, and I gog caught there for some extra meetings that delayed my departure for home. I wasn’t able to leave there until 1000 and after nearly an hour to get to the Metro station I commute from, I missed the connecting bus by 2 minutes and that meant that I had to wait an extra hour for the next bus that would get me back to my car about 10 miles away.

    It was after 1300 when I finally got home. Luckily, Hal was here during the day and was able to accept delivery of the new furniture. Both pieces were assembled by the delivery crew and were waiting for me when I got here. Hal and I got the items positioned where I want them, and I think that they look good. The dresser fits snugly into the closet
And the chest of drawers makes a nice addition to the bedroom
I will start packing things away this evening or tomorrow, since I have a doctors appointment this afternoon and then chiropractic and acupuncture early this evening. I am not suer how much I will want to do at that point when everything else is finally complete. With the old dresser gone, things can get organizaed much more efficiently around here. After putting clothes away, the next thing will be to organize the closet shelves to better utilize the room that I have. At least I have a project for the upcoming holiday weekend. Since there are no other plans, and Hal has to work both Saturday and Sunday, I might as well have something here to keep me busy.

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