Dreamer’s World June 26, 2017 – Preparing For Change

After the weekend, which has ended too soon, I am starting another week. At least I know that this week will be the lead-up to a long weekend at last since I am taking next Monday off prior to the holiday on July 4th. In addition, there will be the company off-site Happy Hour this Friday afternoon so I can make certain that I complete my weekly assignments prior to that.

    After removing the old dresser this weekend, I am looking forward to the new dresser and chest of drawers arriving so I can finally get things properly organized around here. I have always been a fan of furniture made from pine rather than the overwhelming trend of dark woods for furniture. I prefer a lighter color that doesn’t eat up the light in a room, and so I honestly had to shop in the kids’ section at the furniture store for what I wanted. I found it and the items will be delivered and assembled on Wednesday.

I like the fact that the color inserts on the drawer panels can be changed to give some individual character to the items. Since I am the person who will look at them each day, it is important that I found something that I really like. Once the furniture arrives I can really get everything into a proper place and have the room looking clean and efficient at last.
    As fate would have it, I will be extremely busy on Wednesday when the furniture is delivered, but Hal will be here to take charge of things if I am absent. I will be out most of the morning to around lunch with my weekly visit to the client’s office, and then I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon followed by chiropractor and acupuncture in the early evening. Eventually, I will find the time to start storing clothes in the new dresser and chest of drawers. I don’t want that to go any later than Thursday because it will defeat the purpose of getting the furniture in the first place.
    A change is sometimes necessary, even if we want to resist it. I waited a long time to get this furniture. I held on to the old stuff for too long when I look back in hindsight. I let emotions and a false sense of practicality dictate my actions. I hope that will not happen again.
    Today will also be a busy one. In addition to the normal work and meetings, today is the day that I take Hal to his job and pick him up afterwards. While Hal is at work, I also have a chiropractor appointment and I might try to stop at Costco before I pick him up. If I am lucky I will get to bed around 2300 tonight. I will make the best of the day and evening, and tomorrow will bring me one day closer to the new furniture.

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